【Case Sales】Junmai Hon-Mirin Tegarayama-Enju × Each size, Sweet Cooking Rice Wine

【Case Sales】Junmai Hon-Mirin Tegarayama-Enju × Each size, Sweet Cooking Rice Wine

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This Hon-Mirin is made from pure rice. It is characterized by the strong aroma of rice malt and glutinous rice, and a refreshing sweetness when drunk.

It is well received not only by Japanese cooking professionals, but also by those who cook medicinal herbs, French cuisine, and pastry chefs.

Hon Mirin is a traditional Japanese seasoning. It is used as an important seasoning in Japanese cooking. It is a high-grade Japanese mirin made from koji malt grown in-house. It is not only used in Japanese food and cooking, but is also popular as amazake. It is also popular among customers.

Not contain fructose corn syrup.


  • Volume: 720ml(Glass bottle) × 3bottles set
  • Volume: 720ml(Glass bottle) × 6bottles set
  • Volume: 1,800ml(Glass bottle) × 3bottles bottles set
  • Volume: 1,800ml(Glass bottle) × 6bottles bottles set


  • Glutinous rice(Japanese rice)・koji[rice malt]( Japanese rice)・Distilled alcohol
  • Alcohol Content about 14%

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