Delivery time (days)

Delivery time varies according to the delivery situation and procedures in each country.

Some back-ordered items require a longer lead time.

We will send you a tracking number to your registered email address once your order is shipped.

  • International Packages(Shipping: It takes about 4 weeks from shipping to delivery, but you can reduce the cost)
  • EMS(Air Freight:From shipment to delivery in about 1 week, the fastest delivery method)

Delivery Order

Taiwan: Up to 5 L of alcohol
Hong Kong: Up to 4,000 HKD for goods

Shipping Cost

Rates are in Japanese Yen and fluctuate with the exchange rate. Please make sure to check the payment amount on the payment page

About Baggage

The final shipping cost may vary depending on the exchange rate. Please double check the quantity and final price on the shopping cart screen. The maximum quantity of bottles per order is 20 kg. Orders over 20 kg will be shipped separately and therefore may incur additional shipping charges.

Extent of private export Customs duty Alcohol tax / Commodity tax Other
Hong Kong HKD4,000.00 or less
Singapore Not specified(determined by customs) SGD88.00 per liter of alcohol (CIF + Excise Duty) x 7%
Taiwan Not specified (determined by customs) 40%(shochu) NTD7.00 per liter per degree of alcohol content ・CIF x Trade promotion service fee rate
(up to 0.0425%)

CIF = Product price + Delivery charge


Singapore:How to Make GST and Duty Payment